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1 million years ago that created the Island Park Caldera in Idaho, USA.

23 million years ago (each 300km) Karymshina , Kamchatka , Russia1 dating site volcano hawaii.

Tambora erupted in 1815 with a rating of seven on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, making it the largest eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about 180 CE.

Volcanic deposit indicating possible eruption dated Ar at 315, 205, 157 and 18.

Neko is older than the fourth huge caldera eruption.

Known as the Hatepe eruption, it is believed to have ejected 100 cubic kilometres of material, of which 30 cubic kilometres was ejected in the space of a few minutes.

There is some evidence, based on mitochondrial DNA, that the human race may have passed through a genetic bottleneck around this time, reducing genetic diversity below what would be expected from the age of the species.

The slope is relatively gentle until about 1,800 metres (5,905 ft).

[6] The Caldera and surrounding area continue to be shaped by ongoing volcanic activity.