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This has been an important harbour city since ancient times, where the Danube empties out into the Black Sea.Its position has seen it under Byzantine, Genoese, and Ottoman rule before being reabsorbed into Romania at the end of the 19th century.The park also houses the Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity, an important gathering point for celebrations or protests.Nearby is the local market, a feast for the senses.Pass the monument to soldiers who died in the Russian-Afghan War or just absorb the atmosphere of this unique little town.After breakfast, you’ll make your way to Chisinau (pronounced Kishi-Now), Moldova's bustling capital city (approximately 2 hours).Here you will be treated to a traditional lunch and some live music by a locally famous grandmother.In the afternoon continue to Comrat, the provincial capital of the Republic of Gagauzia.

The Delta is also home to over 300 species of bird, so keep your eyes peeled for the avifauna that live around the floating reed islands, tree-fringed lakes, pastures, forests, sand dunes, and narrow canals lined with trees.

In your free time you could visit the Azizie Mosque, an exotic and culturally rich heritage structure with quaint minarets, or enjoy the view form the Victory Monument east of town.

Today, head out on a full-day excursion through the remote Danube Delta.

It also keeps things big – it’s home to one of Europe's biggest squares and its Palace of Parliament is the second largest building in the world.

Perhaps join a guided tour around the recently restored old town.

If you're going to be late, please inform the hotel reception.