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When referring to their clothing, they originally wore barks and leaves as clothing, but today's Veddas' attire is different; men wear a sarong extending from the waist to the knees, while the women wear a simple dress extending from the breast line to knees.However, their housing was caves and rock shelters instead of which today they live in small hut-type wattled houses.the Bintenne Veddas, the Anuradhapura Veddas, and the Coast Veddas.According to region, they have some differences especially in terms of the language and religion.The house was taken over by the Royal Air Force during World War II, when all villagers in Malalgama and surrounding villages were asked to vacate their houses within 24 hours.Most homes were demolished to build a sea plane base (the airstrip of which is in use to this day.) Wickramasinghe’s house miraculously escaped the fate of others in his village.

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The Veddas who live a simplest life are divided into three regional groups viz.Part of the rear section of the house is thought to be over 250 years old.It is a typical southern abode of the period, with pleasing Dutch architectural features and cool, whitewashed walls and floors paved with square bricks.Unfortunately, they are compelled to be assimilated into the dominant society of the island as result of pervasive social discrimination.

Currently, this exclusive indigenous community is led by its chieftain Uruwarige Wannila Aetto based in Dambana who succeeded the former chieftain Tissahamy after his death in 1998.

A section of the ancestral home in which he and his sisters grew up with their parents has survived the rigours of time.