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30-Jun-2017 03:08

Once the manufacturer reset and the steps above are complete, all we need to do is run through the update one more time.You can find the steps for completing the update below:: Do the following to complete the firmware update: 1) Start the Firmware update again, following the steps on the screen until you see either "Select Accessory" or the app tells you Bluetooth connection was lost and the update failed.Once completed, the sensor will be up-to-date and ready to start recording swings again.If this process does not work, then it's likely that just a few additional steps are needed, as we can resolve firmware update issues in 99% of cases.Before we start troubleshooting, please make sure that your sensor has a decent battery charge.

*This includes any and all devices that show up but are not currently connected.: At last hit the ‘Start’ button to start flashing the firmware update on your device.Wait for Odin it will take sometime, normally up to 3 minutes and once it is completed, it will show you PASS!!These pairing can always be re-established later on.

2) 4) Fully turn off mobile device, then turn it back on.

2) Once the LEDs freeze, let go of the sensor button and the sensor will turn off.