Diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

13-Mar-2018 11:52

It’s still just conjecture, but they would make a nice couple. This might violate some kind of team rules, but I say there’s no rules in the game of love! In the interest of full disclosure, Penny Taylor was married for a few years to a guy named Rodrigo Gil.

The big photo that got everyone talking was Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend (in air quotes) accompanying her to the ESPY Awards. Diana had a kind of David Bowie thing happening, wearing a suit with a sort of rock & roll vibe to it. Rodrigo is an Olympic volleyball player who plays for Brazil.

Gil is a professional sportsman too and has been competing in volleyball for his Brazilian national team and other top volleyball outfits including Italian Padua. Taylor was playing for Familis Schio based in Italy back then when they began dating in March 2004.

The communication barrier was one thing that troubled their relation with Taylor’s inability to grasp Portuguese and Gil’s difficulty with English.

We had all our favorite people in the world from all over the world there."“It was the perfect timing and real celebration of everything we’ve been through and how we’ve been professionals and supportive of each other through some really tough years and challenging careers.” Before Taylor's retirement, the couple together had won WMBA championship, not once but thrice! The newly wed couple had kept their love life low profiled before marriage.

They’ve been photographed hugging and looking fancy at events, but that’s about all there is in the way of facts here. We just want to see Diana with a hot lady who can score points, alright?Questions are being raised at the relation preference of Taylor since they were sighted together.Is Penny Taylor another addition to the list of WNBA lesbians?A short time ago, we pondered whether there was a chance that Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend could be teammate Seimone Augustus.

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It now seems more likely that Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend Penny Taylor could be the real girlfriend.Having lost her mother to Ovarian cancer in 2013, Taylor underwent another tragedy when her father Michael lost his battle with cancer the following year.